Thermal Insulation Mortars

Thermal Insulation Mortars

Thermal Insulation Mortars

Thermal Insulation Mortars consists a polymer-cement adhesive for bonding of insulation material, insulation plates of expanded polystyrene (EPS) or stone wool, then polymer-cement base layer for mounting and reinforcing of facade mesh, fixing components (insulation wedges), one or more finishing layers of polymer-cement adhesive .

Insulation mortar is a kind of pre-mixed dry mortar made of various lightweight materials such as expanded polystyrene(EPS) particles and vitrified microbeads(VM) as aggregate, cement as cementitious material, mixed with some property-modifying additives, and blended by the manufacturer.

How is thermal insulation done?

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The act of insulation is accomplished by encasing an object in material with low thermal conductivity in high thickness. Decreasing the exposed surface area could also lower heat transfer, but this quantity is usually fixed by the geometry of the object to be insulated.

What is insulated mortar?

Insulating mortars. A factory mixed dry mortar, calcium sulphate-based, to be mixed with water. It consists of anhydrite, special gypsum, liquefier and aggregates (0 to 4 mm), like grainy natural anhydrite or silica sand.

What is thermal insulation and how is it used?

Thermal insulation is used by the building industry to reduce the heat loss or gain through the house envelope (external walls, windows, roofs, foundation, etc.). Thermal insulation creates thermal comfort inside the houses by keeping the temperature in suitable condition.

What are the 3 types of insulation?

The most common insulation materials are fiberglass, cellulose and foam. Home insulation types include any of the above materials in the form of loose-fill, batts, rolls, foam board, spray foam and radiant barriers.

Anxin cellulose ether products is an important element in EPS Thermal Insulation Mortars , with the properties of high-temperature resistance, high water retention, and excellent workability.

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