About Us

Cangzhou Bohai New District Anxin Chemistry Co., Ltd. is a professional cellulose ether manufacturer in China, located in the Lingang Economic and Technological Development Zone Chemical Park,Cangzhou Bohai New District, a national level chemical park, close to Beijing,Tianjin and Shandong .

The production capacity is 27000 tons/year. The products are: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (HEMC), Methyl Cellulose (MC), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC), Ethyl Cellulose (EC) etc.

The factory occupies an area of 68000㎡, and manufacture various grade cellulose ether such as pharmaceutical grade, food grade, detergent grade, and construction grade,which can meet clients requirement of different application fields.

The factory adheres to the business philosophy of "Science and Technology Innovation, Advance with the Times", relying on advanced production equipment, complete inspection equipment and standard-compliant production plants, the factory has the leading production and application technology advantages to ensure the quality of various products stability and market adaptability. By adopting advanced cellulose ether production process and equipment, which guarantee quality much more stable from different batch. We can provide the product according to customer requirement.The factory can provide more choices and high-quality cellulose ether products for domestic and international customers.

Faith and Culture

We believe in putting people first. Our employees are using their unique perspectives and backgrounds to find new methods to solve challenges and exceed customer expectations in an environment of inclusion, diversity and integrity.

Cooperate Ethics

Our employees succeed in working together and following the guiding principles set forth in our policies, laws and codes of ethics.

Quality culture

Our quality management system aims to ensure that customers receive the quality, reliability and integrity of the products and services provided by Anxin, and to ensure that customer needs and requirements are satisfied.

Anxin Chemistry is willing to go hand in hand with people of insight from all walks of life, actively explore, and jointly maintain a beautiful environment and care for human health with a high sense of social responsibility!