AnCell® cellulose ether for real stone paint customers to provide reliable solutions

Waterborne coating system as an important application field of cellulose ether industry, there has been a lack of excellent domestic cellulose ether to meet the growing market demand, with the epidemic and changes in the international situation, cellulose ether supply chain has also been greatly affected, and the whole building materials industry has suffered a great impact.

In order to solve the relevant dilemma, the AnCell® R & D team has also made attempts and efforts, through the analysis of market demand, careful research and development design, launched a special process for the production of a suitable for stone paint, texture paint, latex paint and other waterborne coatings system of non-ionic cellulose ether products.

The product has an amazing performance in many water-based paint systems, especially for the true stone paint system, cost-effective. We are eager to share this product with all our users to provide them with more and more valuable choices in these difficult times.

What is real stone lacquer

Lacquer is a kind of decorative effect similar to marble, granite, mainly made of high polymer, natural stone sand and related additives, dry curing hard as stone, looks like natural stone. After the decoration of the building, with natural real natural color, give a person with elegant, harmonious, solemn beauty, suitable for all kinds of building indoor and outdoor decoration. Especially in curved building decoration, can receive vivid, return to nature effect.

As an important kind of waterborne architectural paint, natural stone paint can not only be applied to the interior wall for special occasions and special decoration requirements, but also an important part of exterior wall protection and decoration.

real stone paint VS other exterior wall decoration materials

At present, the main materials used in exterior wall decoration at home and abroad are: decorative stone, glass curtain wall, exterior wall decorative brick, aluminum plate, exterior wall coating (including natural stone paint), etc., the first four kinds of decorative materials in the application process there are a variety of problems.

1 decorative stone: such as granite, marble, although it has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, sun and rain resistance, frost resistance and so on, but it is vulnerable to external vibration to form bright lines, easy to fracture; Strong water absorption and oil absorption; Fire resistance is poor, in case of fire after the SLATE is easy to burst, and the construction is difficult, the cost is high, radiation, etc. In addition, more serious is the adornment stone material exists the chromatic aberration of different degree and reflex sex pollution two big problems.

2. Glass curtain wall: the glass curtain wall is simple in shape, luxurious and modern, which can reflect the surrounding scenery and has a good decorative effect.

However, due to the characteristics of the curtain wall material itself, there are also some problems: its mapping of the surrounding environment causes changing images, causing visual fatigue for pedestrians and drivers, and easily leading to accidents, which are called “light pollution”. In recent years, both home and abroad have paid attention to the “light pollution” of curtain wall construction (especially glass curtain wall), and some countries have regulations or proposals to limit the use of glass curtain wall.

3. Exterior wall decoration brick: with a certain mechanical strength, hardness and chemical stability, color lasting stability, bright and clean surface, easy to self-cleaning and cleaning. However, due to its production energy consumption, consumption of land resources and easy to empty drum off caused by the use of unsafe, so many areas to limit the promulgation of norms, or even eliminate this kind of finishing material.

4. Aluminum-plastic composite board: it is a new type of high-grade exterior wall decoration material, with light weight, sound insulation, fire prevention, waterproof, weather resistance, high strength, easy installation and construction and other practical, but also has beautiful, luxurious decorative. However, its relatively high price limits its application.

Natural lacquer has the following advantages compared with other decorative materials:

1. The price is cheap: natural stone paint with coating formula design, far cheaper than the use of glass curtain wall, decorative stone, aluminum plate, etc.;

2. Simple construction: it can meet the requirements of different grades of exterior wall decoration;

3. Good decorative effect: replaceable colors can express a richer design style than strip brick, marble, etc.

4. Safety and environmental protection: no “light pollution”, no radiation, no falling safety hazards.

03 composition of real stone paint coating

Stone paint coating is mainly composed of three parts: alkali resistant sealing primer, stone paint middle layer and finish paint.

04 main characteristics of stone paint

1. Durable color: excellent alkali resistance, uv resistance, color stability, no need to worry about fading;

2. Wide range of application: excellent adhesion to all kinds of base surface, a very wide range of application;

3. Waterproof and breathable: with good waterproof, breathable and mildew resistance;

4. Environmental protection and safety: no VOC(volatile organic compounds), non-toxic environmental protection, no pollution to human body and environment;

5. Strong weather resistance: it can withstand the extreme climate environment in north and south regions, and its quality is stable and guaranteed;

6. Long durability: aging resistance, anti-cracking, quality maintenance life of more than 10 years;

7. Simple and random: it can be sprayed on the cylinder, arc surface, all kinds of special shapes and special shapes, which can easily solve the construction problem that the traditional hard plate can not be arbitrarily veneered.

05 prospects of real stone lacquer

Stone paint has fire, water, acid and alkali resistance, pollution resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, strong adhesion, never fade and other characteristics, can effectively prevent the erosion of the building in the harsh environment, prolong the life of the building, and the real stone paint has good adhesion and freeze-thaw resistance.

Therefore, under the great advantages of lacquer itself and the construction wave of “oil to water”, with the support of national policies, China’s future market potential of waterborne industrial paint is huge.

Post time: Apr-15-2022