Cellulose ether can effectively reduce the fat content in fried foods

Fried foods are widely loved by the public because of their unique taste. However, today with more and more attention to healthy eating, high-fat fried foods have also made consumers hesitate.

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do you know? As long as the right amount of food-grade HPMC is added to the fried food, the intake of fat during the frying process can be greatly reduced, the total fat content of the fried food can be reduced, and the taste of the fried product can be improved and the oil lengthened. The oil change interval of frying can increase the yield of frying products and reduce the cost of fat.

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Of course, in specific applications, each cellulose ether food additive can only achieve one function. For example, food-grade methyl cellulose (MC) and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) can effectively reduce and fry The oil content of food; food-grade carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC), used in dairy products, can enhance the taste and improve the stability of protein, used in the baking process, can effectively control the moisture content of the dough; food-grade hydroxyl Propyl cellulose (HPC) can effectively reduce the amount of natural cream in the formula, while maintaining a smooth and delicate taste, realizing a more healthy food consumption concept.

Post time: Nov-24-2021