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Cellulose Thickener, often known as cellulose gum,hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, is utilized being an emulsifier, thickener, suspending professional, and so on., found in cosmetics. It’s also added to head of hair shampoos, toothpastes and liquid soaps, to create their quality thick regularity and may be utilized being a minor adhesive which may be cleaned away with drinking water.Cellulose is typically called Methylcellulose. Using both of these words and phrases is just not clear to the majority of individuals and also the terms tend to be interchanged.So, on this page should go the outline, wishing this may not be to technical.

Cellulose is really a complicated carb that types the main constituent of your cellular wall in most vegetation and is important in the creation of several merchandise, although methylcellulose is far more of a description of a substance effect or procedure that comes about (natural and organic biochemistry) when cellulose (a bright white powdery chemical), responds with normal water (the chemical response or methylation of cellulose), which is a result of inflammation with h2o to make a gel.Methylation is a crucial metabolic method that happens in every mobile and each body organ of our own entire body. Daily life would not are present without them. It will require place over a billion times per next in the body.Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose is generally the artificial model of cellulose.

Technical Index

Table 1


60AX( 2910 ) 65AX ( 2906 ) 75AX ( 2208 )
Gel temperature (℃) 58-64 62-68 70-90
Methoxy (WT%) 28.0-30.0 27.0-30.0 19.0-24.0
Hydroxypropoxy (WT%) 7.0-12.0 4.0-7.5 4.0-12.0
Viscosity(cps, 2% Solution) 3, 5, 6, 15, 50, 100, 400,4000, 10000, 40000, 60000,100000,150000,200000

Table 2

Construction Grade HPMC Viscosity(NDJ, mPa.s, 2%) Viscosity(Brookfield, mPa.s, 2%)
HPMC 75AX400 320-480 320-480
HPMC 75AX60000  48000-72000 24000-36000
HPMC 75AX100000 80000-120000 38000-55000
HPMC 75AX150000 120000-180000 55000-65000
HPMC 75AX200000 180000-240000 70000-80000


1. Tile adhesive

2. Wall putty

3. Cement renders

4. Gypsum products

5. Mortar for Exterior insulation and Finish System

6. dry mixed mortar

7. Paints & Coating

8. Detergent and Cleaner

Package & Loading

In 25kgs pp bag.

12MT/20FT Container (with Pallet)

14MT/20FT Container (without Pallet)


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